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Bill - Project Engineering Apprentice

Current Apprenticeship: Project Engineering Apprentice for 299 Lighting.
Bill studied Media, English Language and Music at St Brendan's.

'I was nearing the end of my time in education and thinking about my options. I decided that University wasn’t really for me so I was searching for jobs and apprenticeships. I studied Media at St Brendan’s and really enjoyed it so I was looking at marketing roles, the Project Engineering Apprenticeship popped up and I decided it was right for me.'

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Bill's Advice For Students

'Apprenticeships really help you get out in the real world, you are treated as an adult. I’m not making cups of tea for everyone, I’m out on-site visits and traveling to London for meetings. There is no reason why you shouldn’t consider an apprenticeship! You have no debt and get paid to do a job which you gain a qualification.'

Ethan New

Ethan - Digital Marketing Apprentice

Current Apprenticeship: Digital Marketing Apprentice at Amazon Alexa.
Ethan studied Photography, Business L3 and Media Studies at St Brendan's.

'I decided to do an apprenticeship as a goal of mine was to be able to learn whilst gaining real-life experience in a large company or brand. Being able to see the skills I’m learning having a real impact, working alongside experts and earning gives me a well-rounded CV for my future.'

Ethan's Tips For Current Students

'Research is key, chat to other apprentices and build your network, find out their experiences and also learn about the businesses or brands you are considering. Definitely work on your time management skills now, this is a pretty important skill you will need being an apprentice!'

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Sophie King

Sophie - KPMG 360° Apprenticeship programme

Current Apprenticeship: KPMG 360° Apprenticeship programme.
Sophie studied AAT Accounting, Maths and Psychology at St Brendan's.

'I knew I wanted to study accountancy and after completing the 'Career-Ready Programme' at St Brendan’s I was certain. I went to open days at universities and I just couldn’t see myself there whereas an apprenticeship allows me to earn whilst I learn. At St Brendan's I studied the AAT Bookkeeping Certificate (levels 2&3) alongside my A-levels. I really wanted to complete level 4 and my apprenticeship in accounting allows me to do this!'

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Sophie's Advice For Students

'Consider all your options! University isn’t always the best route to your chosen career. Earning whilst you learn on the job is an invaluable experience.'

'It’s one of my best decisions I have made so far. I have been able to have so much more exposure to the business and have real-life examples that support me in my studies. The best thing about my apprenticeship is I rotate around the divisions in KPMG and then choose the area I want to specialise in. After this, the goal is to become a qualified accountant and secure a permanent position within the company.'


Albi - Legal Apprentice

Current Apprenticeship: Legal Apprenticeship at Burges Salmon LLP.
Albi studied Double Business and Law at St Brendan's.

'I always knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship. This route personally suits me very well (there is no right or wrong path). The apprenticeship programme allows you to earn whilst you learn and gain a nationally recognised qualification by the end of your programme. It allows you to gain valuable experience and you will essentially work your way up from day one - that's what I like about it. As someone who has worked from a young age, it has helped me understand quickly that I learn best this way.'

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Albi's Advice & Helpful Blogs!

'My advice would be to go with what you feel is best. Have a look at your options in detail and see which one appeals to you more. There is no right or wrong option. It all depends on your individual learning style and what you feel you need depending on your learning experience.'

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