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There are lots of options available to you when you leave Broadlands Academy. We have them listed below to help you decide on your next steps in education.

Hear From A Careers Advisor About Your Options

School sixth form, Sixth Form College, FE College, Apprenticeship .... you have lots of options after Year 11. In this video you can find out more about each of these options.

Sam Business

Sixth Form At A School

You can apply to study your A-levels or BTECs at any of the local schools that have sixth forms. Below are links to some of the popular local choices:


Cabot Post 16

St Mary Redcliffe

St Brendans Main Buildings

Sixth Form College

Sixth Form Colleges tend to be much bigger than school sixth forms. They also offer a wider range of A-levels and also offer some vocational courses (BTECs). You can choose to study 3 A-levels, 3 BTECs or a combination of the two e.g. 2 A-levels and 1 BTEC. St Brendan's is the Sixth Form College for our region. It is a single site college just for 16 to 18 year olds.

St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Computer Science

FE Colleges

Further Education (FE) Colleges are attended by people of all ages, they are large colleges that specialise in vocational courses (BTECs, T-levels, etc). Some also offer A-levels. Below are links to the local FE colleges:

Bath College

City of Bristol College

South Gloucestershire & Stroud College

Weston College

Wiltshire College

DT2019 014 case study


Use the links below to find out about apprenticeships and how to apply for them:

National Apprenticeship Service

Find an Apprenticeship

Business and Law
Creative Arts
Performing Arts
Maths, Science and Computing
Sports and Protective Services

Useful Links

Below are links to some websites where you can find more information about your post 16 options:

Career Pilot

National Careers Service

Bristol Post 16 Directory

Bath Post 16 Options

South Gloucestershire Post 16


Got A Question?

If you have any questions about your post-16 choices email Miss Doherty: