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Boys Football

Are you interested in being apart of the boys football team at St Brendan's? With regular training sessions and matches against other colleges, this is a great way to meet new friends and keep with your fitness.

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Girls Football

Are you interested in being apart of the girls football team at St Brendan's? With regular training sessions and matches, this is a great way to meet new friends and keep with your fitness.

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If you are interested in being apart of the Netball team at St Brendan's? Sign up today to be kept up to date on how to join in on training sessions and attending matches against local colleges.

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Are you interested in Basketball and would like to join the St Brendan's Basketball team, or to simply join in when you want to, sign up today to be kept up to date with information on how to take part in regular training sessions and matches. This is a great way to meet new friends and to keep up with your fitness.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award is a prestigious, fun and demanding extra-curricular programme that includes regular volunteering, developing a new skill, getting fitter, meeting new people and getting outdoors on some amazing expeditions! It's an internationally recognised programme and is a great addition to your personal development, CV or UCAS. DofE participants often really enjoy the expedition section which includes hiking in wild country, camping, learning basic first aid and meeting new friends.

You may wish to look at the DofE website too -

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Pride (LGBT + Society)

A safe space for LGBT+ students, and allies. Over the years Pride at St. Brendan’s has been everything from a lunch club to a small activist organisation making change at college – and everything in-between! Make friends, and shape Pride to be the group you'd like it to be!

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Debating Society

A club for formal and informal discussion on topics with many perspectives and viewpoints! We debate any topic on student preference, and run team debates as well as informal roundtable discussions. If you like current affairs, policy, politics, considering different perspectives or building critical thinking, this is the group for you – and a great opportunity to practice public speaking if you’d like to!

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Film Club

As it says on the tin – turn up and watch films, with discussions about the film afterwards and student input on which films are chosen! Sign up for a relaxed atmosphere and no pressure, just come along, take a seat and watch!

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Zero Carbon (Climate Action Group)

Our Climate Action and environmental society. Zero Carbon take on projects for making changes at College and beyond, and have many exciting opportunities for a real impact coming down the track. Examples of past work include an Ecosia campaign, constructing a tree nursery and pushing for insect hotels on-site, but future projects have the chance for extremely impactful changes on College usage of plastics and waste. If you care about the environment, come along!

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Christianity Society

Relaxed sessions involving fellowship, a friendly catch-up and welcome with space for Christians and non-Christians alike. There is space for worship, prayer and teaching if desired, but more often than not, this society is just a place to hang out!

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Dungeons & Dragons Society

A group for students who enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons, or would like to try it out! D&D is a fantasy role-playing game, set in places based on medieval times. Expect magic, monsters, quests, and hidden treasure, as well as an opportunity to make new friends! Sessions are run online and open to complete newbies or veterans alike!

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The Mast (Student Newspaper)

A new initiative at St. Brendan’s, we are aiming to start a college Newspaper, written and run by students. If you are into writing and would be up for starting something new and exciting, sign up and be part of the first phase of this new group!

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CAFOD Young Leaders

Are you interested in Social Justice? Do you want to get involved with helping to create a fairer world, whilst gaining valuable experience in areas such as campaign planning, and public speaking?

CAFOD is a well-regarded international development charity which works alongside people in developing countries to support initiatives to create a fairer world. Our Young Leaders group in College supports CAFOD through fundraising and also raising awareness in the college and the wider community. We meet regularly to discuss issues, plan events and CAFOD offers training and support together with other local schools who are also running CAFOD groups. At the end of the year there is a trip to visit CAFOD HQ in London (subject to Covid regulations permitting) to receive a certificate for the completion of the training.

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Diversity Society

Another new initiative - for students of different backgrounds to come together, share their culture, and make new friends! Diversity society looks to be a place of welcome for all students regardless of where they are from, and an opportunity to learn about students who are different from you! If this sounds right for you, then sign up and come to our first sessions to decide how the group will run!

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Ambassadors of Sanctuary (supporting refugees)

St Brendan’s is a College of Sanctuary which means it is part of the City of Sanctuary movement which helps support refugees and asylum seekers in our community. We have a C of S group in the college where we look at the issues faced by refugees in the UK and how we can help within our college. Bristol City Council offer support and input and in previous years our group has attended conferences and training events at City Hall, run by the council. This is also an opportunity to meet other schools in the City of Sanctuary movement. Our Mayor Marvin Rees often makes an appearance at the conference. (Trips to City hall are subject to Covid regulations permitting) if you would like to help make our college more welcoming to those seeking refuge then this is the group for you.

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We Believe (exploring faith)

This is a group set up to explore the Christian faith in small groups. It is open to anyone who is interested in finding out more about Christianity and has a discussion format which is respectful and accepting of others views. Refreshments will be provided.

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Want to create your own group?

Or do you have any ideas for something St. Brendan’s should be starting up? Let us know here, and we can start it up in the coming year. You can run the group yourself or suggest ideas which we promote for you – it’s up to you! If there is an activity or hobby you believe should be run at St. Brendan’s, we’re all ears!

Any suggestions, please email