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Turn Creative Ideas into Reality

The Creative Arts Studio at St Brendan's is bursting with imagination, independence, and passion.

With four courses on offer, our subject specialists will help you to hone your craft and artistic vision.

Scroll on down to find out more about: Art, Craft & Design; Graphic Communication; Photography & Textiles.

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A-level Art, Craft & Design

In Art, Craft, and Design you will experiment with new ideas, techniques, and processes through drawing, painting, three-dimensional design. You'll have the opportunity to explore Textiles, Photography, Graphic Communication, and Contextual Studies. The course allows you to build and develop a broad range of skills and expertise getting you ready to take on University or an Art Foundation Course.

  • 60% Coursework
  • 3 x 1.5 hours of lessons per week
  • Entry requirements: 5 or more GCSEs at grade 4-9 including English Language or Literature
Creative Arts

A-level Graphic Communication

In Graphic Communication, become both a visual and creative thinker. You will research, explore and understand the theory before challenging rules and following your influence.

  • 60% Coursework
  • 3 x 1.5 hours of lessons per week
  • Entry requirements: 5 or more GCSEs at grade 4-9 including English Language or Literature

A-level Photography

In Photography, you will explore digital and darkroom processes. Experiment with mixed media, and take inspiration from processes of the past and photographers leading the way into the future.

  • 60% Coursework
  • 3 x 1.5 hours of lessons per week
  • Entry requirements: 5 or more GCSEs at grade 4-9 including English Language or Literature
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A-level Textiles

In Textiles, immerse yourself in colour and surface pattern; developing your skills and finding your passion, before delving into the world of fashion, interiors or textile art.

  • 60% Coursework
  • 3 x 1.5 hours of lessons per week
  • Entry requirements: 5 or more GCSEs at grade 4-9 including English Language or Literature

Take a look at the Creative Arts Teaching Spaces

Art, Craft & Design; Graphic Communications and Textiles lessons take place in the classrooms in our main Creative Arts Studio.

This is large, light, open-plan space is sure to inspire you.

Photography has its own separate teaching space as well as a darkroom and photo studio, ensuring that all students are well equipped to expand their creative horizons. You can take a look at this in the second video here.

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Meet Your Teachers

Our Creative Arts Team have a wealth of expertise.

Specialists of their field, they come from a wide range of business and educational backgrounds which is shared across all courses, ensuring that you learn from real-world knowledge and experience.

Helpful Videos

Take a look at these recordings from our previous Live Events.

Hear our subject specialists talk about different aspects of the courses and answering questions from other students interested in studying Creative Arts Subjects at St Brendan's.

Graphics and Photography

Graphics and Photography FAQs

Art, Craft & Design and Textiles

Art, Craft & Design and Textiles FAQs

Connor Cox Graphics Fine Art 23

Graphic Communication Student: Connor

'I chose to study Graphic Communication because I love the idea of starting a conversation with art.

The course has guided me through a huge range of processes. I thought I'd be more interested in the digital side of things, but I've really taken a shine to more hands-on-processes; like screen-printing and traditional illustration.

Graphics has helped me a lot with building my skills and giving my work context. I am going on to study an Art Foundation.'

Connor Studied: Art, Craft & Design, Graphic Communication, English Literature and Media Studies

Textiles2019 022

Textiles Student: Jasmine

'Textiles has encouraged me to be more independent in my creative thinking, with great support from the staff.

Highlights include visits to exhibitions, such as the V&A museum and the Natural History Museum, to see professional work first hand and developing the skills and knowledge required to express my own innovative ideas.

Next year, I will be studying Fashion Design at University for the Creative Arts London.'

Jasmine Studied: Textiles, Photography and Psychology


Photography Alumni: Henry

'Since leaving St Brendan's I have moved to Hollywood and created a rising film company called 'Zante Pictures' and have been working full-time in the film industry.

My advice to current students would be to decide the exact extent of their intentions and favoured career path and stand for what they believe in. If I could change one thing about my time at St Brendan's it would be to spend every moment working harder towards my career and create a bigger involvement with the College itself.

I hope to have one of the biggest companies in Hollywood in the next ten years as well as creating numerous amounts of imprints in the entertainment business.'

Henry Studied: Film Studies, Media Studies, Photography

Mark Chivers

Creative Arts Alumni: Mark

'After St Brendan’s, I completed an Art Foundation course and a degree in Graphic Communication at Loughborough University. My interests at college were predominantly illustration/painting and St Brendan’s prepared me to be more open-minded for the next steps of education. This came in useful when I could see my degree design work moving from illustration towards digital, which then led me to secure internships throughout my degree. I’ve been on an ever-changing creative journey and I genuinely believe my experiences at St Brendan’s was the best start I could’ve had. The teaching was great and the facilities for creative arts were brilliant.

Currently, I work in TV & film advertising as a Motion Graphics Artist in London. My day to day involves creating graphics and animation for TV adverts, theatrical film trailers and social media content. My plan is to keep designing and writing with the vision of becoming a Creative Director.'

Mark Studied: Art, Craft & Design; Graphic Communication and English Language

Careers in Creative Arts

The full Advanced Level in Art and Design: Art, Craft, and Design provides a sound basis for students who wish to proceed to a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design or to BA (Hons) at universities, as well as being a useful background to a career within the creative arts industry.

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