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About Film & Media

Be part of an ever-evolving and exciting industry with hundreds of creative career pathways to explore. You won't just study the subject; you'll learn to create, to challenge, and to express yourself.


A-level Film Studies

Be transported on a journey through Film- from silent movies through to significant film movements, independent and mainstream productions, both in Britain and across the Atlantic. Whether you are interested in the early years of film-making or the future of the digital age, A-level Film Studies offers an opportunity to pursue your curiosity and develop your own style of film-making.

Course Breakdown:

The Film Studies course is 70% Exams and 30% Coursework.

Entry Requirements:

5 GSCEs at Grade 4 or above including English Language

GCSE Film is not an essential requirement for this course but if you have studied Film at GCSE you would need a grade 4 in order to study at A-level.


A-level Media Studies

Through A-level Media, you'll get to grips with the working of the entire industry. Ready to take it on? You'll study the media 'language' and how tricks are deployed to evoke particular emotional responses, as well as media audiences, the history of the industry, and how the media represents the world around us.

Course Breakdown:

70% Exams and 30% Coursework

Entry Requirements:

5 GSCEs at Grade 4 or above including English Language

GCSE media is not an essential requirement for this course but if you have studied Media at GCSE you would need a grade 4 in order to study at A-level.

Natalie Boyd

Natalie Boyd

Michelle Weller

Michelle Weller

Lawrence Benson

Lawrence Benson

Kerrie Criscione

Kerrie Criscione

Alice Bigge

Alice Bigge

Meet Your Teachers!

Our Film & Media Team have a wealth of expertise.

Specialists of their field, they come from a wide range of business and educational backgrounds which is shared across all courses, ensuring that you learn from real-world knowledge and experience.

Helpful Videos

Take a look at these recordings from our previous Live Events.

Hear our subject specialists talk about different aspects of the courses and answering questions from other students interested in studying a Film or Media course at St Brendan's.

A-level Film Studies and A-level Media Studies

A-level Film Studies and A-level Media Studies FAQs

Media Studies Angel

A-level Media Studies Student: Angel

'Media Studies has been an enjoyable course which has challenged my social awareness and highlighted how the media can play a big part in our lives. This course is rich in context, politics, justice, ethical issues and social affairs. It unlocks your ability to challenge the media in your life. Practical exercises are essential and contained within the course; I thoroughly enjoyed print work, magazine and journalistic photography.'

Angel Studied: Media Studies, English Language, Music Technology

Film Case Study Chelsea

A-level Film Studies: Chelsea

'I decided to take Film Studies after gaining a passion for the subject during my GCSEs. One of the aspects I love about the course is the diverse range of films we're able to study; from foreign-language to contemporary indie movies.

The freedom we had in creating our own short films or screenplays for the coursework was also something I really enjoyed. Next year, I'm planning on studying Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University.'

Chelsea Studied: Film Studies, English Literature and History

Tegan Pearce16

A-level Film Studies Alumni: Tegan

Without St Brendan's, I would not have secured an internship on the ITV West Television Workshop for a £1.5million feature film, 'Scott & Sid'. The whole experience has driven my passion to go the whole way with film, and to one day be making high budget features of my own.

Seize every opportunity that comes your way - my time with 'Scott & Sid' was unpaid! It is these experiences, though, that will shape you and prepare you for life after education.

I really enjoyed my time at St Brendan's. It allowed me to study subjects that I was genuinely passionate about for the first time in my life - and my teachers supported my passion and helped me on my way to university, ensuring I got the grades I needed to study Film and Television Production at the University of York.

Tegan Studied: Film Studies, Maths, Media Studies, Photography

Careers in Film and Media

Film and Media students from St Brendan's progress to a wide range of university courses and apprenticeships.

Every year our dedicated Careers Teams arrange Careers Fairs and sector-specific events for students to explore all of their options. They also arrange talks from industry experts and St Brendan's Alumni.

Throughout your time at St Brendan's, the Careers Team door is always open for one-to-one appointments and advice and guidance.

Use the Pathways tool below to explore various progression routes to numerous careers through Higher Education courses and Apprenticeships.