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Futures: Term 1

Week 1

In Week 1 of term, please watch the Futures induction, which you can find on the Year 12 Futures homepage- click the link below to return to it!

Year 12 Futures Home Page

Week 2

This week focuses on Digital Skills - including:

  • Using Microsoft 365 (including how to download Word, PowerPoint etc. for free using your college email!)
  • How to use college systems, including Student Portal and Teams
  • How to get your college emails on your phone

Digital Skills

Task: Watch the following videos on Digital Skills and how to make use of the systems we have here at college. You may have seen these already as part of your induction- if not, please ensure you have caught up.

Introduction to MS Teams

Introduction to MS Word, MS Powerpoint, and MS Forms

How to access content via the Library Catalogue

How to access the jump page (to access student portal, markbook, the college website and your emails)

Click here to see further elearning materials from the online Induction period

Week 3

Please complete parts 1 and 2 (see below) for this week's task.

Part 1 is a small task on your pro portal, and part 2 is a very important lesson giving you information on how you can get lower grade offers to top Universities!

Part 1- Destination Data Task

Part 1: Please watch this video before you continue with the Week 3 lesson and activities.

It requires you to have access to ProPortal.

Part 2- Widening Participation Schemes

Part 2: Widening Participation Schemes are a way in which you can get extra support with applying to University- this might mean application and academic support, bursaries or lower entry criteria. This lesson will help you find out if you are eligible for support.

Please note: Some deadlines are before October Half Term- so this is a priority to watch ASAP.

Task- Go to this webpage and read through the information on Widening Participation Schemes. We would strongly recommend you apply to the ones which you are eligible for- even if you're not sure on University (or which University!) yet.

Widening Participation Schemes

Week 4

This week focuses on next steps- and introduces you to an amazing website that we have access to called Unifrog. Most of your Futures program will use this website, and we will monitor your progress- so it's important you keep up to date with it.

Unifrog- Introduction and Task

This lesson is an introduction to a fantastic website: Unifrog. Unifrog is an amazing tool that will help you research your next steps, whether it be University, an Apprenticeship, a Job, or even travel.

Unifrog is used throughout the Futures program, so this lesson is crucial to get you set up and ready to go!

Click here to go to Unifrog

Unifrog 'How To' Videos

How to find out about Universities on Unifrog

Finding out about Apprenticeships on Unifrog

How to research different career pathways on


The task for this week is to:

1. Log into Unifrog with your college details (watch the lesson video above for how to do this)

2. Watch at least one of the 'how to' videos above that is most relevant to what you'd like to research first

3. Complete the Personality Profile and Interest Profile on Unifrog (as seen on lesson video)

Click here to go to Unifrog

Week 5

This week focuses on ways you can enhance your learning outside of the classroom- including completing free online courses or watching TED Talks. This is also a great way to impress on a University or Apprenticeship application or in an interview!

Super Curricular Activities

Super Curricular Activities are courses and talks which will support your learning and help set you apart from others applying for the same Universities or Apprenticeships in future. They will also support wider reading and wider knowledge of your subject area. Watch now for information on how and where to find them!

Click here to go to the TED Talk homepage

Click here to go to Open Learn

Click here to go to Future Learn


1. Use Unifrog to complete a MOOC shortlist

2. Start completing a MOOC or watch a TED Talk that is relevant to one of your college subjects

3. Complete the MOOC or TED Talk in your spare time. You might want to keep a note of the ones you have watched/completed for reference in applications or for inspiration before doing an interview!

Week 6

This week will get you started with some next steps research on Unifrog. If you need support with setting up your Unifrog account, go back to Week 4's lesson and 'how to' videos. If you're still struggling, email Futures@stbrn.ac.uk for help.

Unifrog Research Task

This week you are being set your first research task on Unifrog- to start looking into career paths which interest you and look at what you will need to do to arrive there. Watch now to find out how to do this using the Unifrog Career Tool.

Click here to go to Unifrog

Week 7

This week focuses on reflecting on your first term at college, and setting some targets for next term to make it even more successful. Then, you can use the time to continue with your research on Unifrog from last week.

Managing Change

This lesson will help you reflect on your first half term at College, and also discusses managing periods of change. Then you will have time to continue your Unifrog research from last week.

Click here to go to Unifrog

October Half Term- What Should You Have Completed?

Please make sure that by half term you have caught up with all of this term's videos and tasks.

Key tasks that you should have completed are:

-Adding in your intended destination to ProPortal (see Week 3)

-Setting up your Unifrog account (See Week 4)

-Completing your personality & interests profiles on Unifrog (see Week 4)

-Completing some careers research and a MOOC shortlist on Unifrog (See Weeks 5 and 6)

Please remember that you can email Futures@stbrn.ac.uk or Ceiag@stbrn.ac.uk (for careers) if you need any help or support with Futures, your future options- or anything else!

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