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Year 12 Futures- Term 4

Term 4

Welcome to Futures, Term 4! At this point in the year you should be starting to get some ideas together about what you might like to go on and do when you finish college. In previous term pages you can find out lots of information surrounding Apprenticeships, University options, Gap Years, and Jobs to help you narrow down your decision making. This term's activities will continue supporting you through this research and will start to look at next steps.

Unifrog Shortlists!

At this point we would like to start using Unifrog a little more often- it's such a great tool for looking at next steps.

This week we are going to ask you to create your first Unifrog shortlist. This can be for University courses (UK or abroad), Apprenticeships, or even local Jobs- whatever you like.

Please watch the short video to support you with how to make a Unifrog shortlist.

Finding out about Apprenticeships on Unifrog

How to find out about Universities on Unifrog

How to research career pathways on Unifrog

This task should take you a little while, as it requires some reading and lots of research. You should be using this half term to continue making shortlists and researching any options which interest you. You can make as many shortlists as you like on Unifrog, there is no limit!

Scroll down for more support with researching your options....

Researching Your Options

Below you can find useful links to help you with researching your options- please let us know if there is something here that you can't find, and we can help you with it!

Apprenticeships Click on this link to go to the Futures Apprenticeships Info page- here you can find lots of useful info and talks on apprenticeships! View
Universities Click on this link to go to the Futures Universities/UCAS Info page- here you can find lots of useful info and talks on Universities, as well as the UCAS process! View
Gap Years Click here for information on taking a Gap Year- with links to more useful pages View Advice on Taking a Gap Year View
Going Straight Into Work 'How to Get a Job at 18' View Advantages and Disadvantages of going straight into work after College View
If you don't know what you want to do..... Click here for our Careers Team's appointment booking page- here you can access further support with your options! View Click here for a reminder of your options! View

Specific Options

If you are looking at studying Law, Music/Performing Arts at a Conservatoire, Medicine, any course at Oxford or Cambridge or an Art Foundation Degree- have a look below- as these courses have sometimes very specific entry requirements or exams.

Law LNAT Exam Guide for Law View Everything you need to know about the LNAT Exam View
Medicine Medicine Admissions Tests View Applying to study Medicine View
Music and Performing Arts- Conservatoires What is a Conservatoire? View Is Conservatoire Study Right for Me? View
Oxford & Cambridge (Note- If you are interested in this pathway please contact Hetty.Brown@stbrn.ac.uk as soon as possible) Guide to applying to Oxford and Cambridge View Applying to Oxbridge : A Complete Guide View
Art Foundation Degree What is an Art Foundation Course and Do You Need One? View What is an Art Foundation Course? View