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Health Careers Enrichment Day

The live Health Care Enrichment Day has now finished - as you will see from the list below, it was a day packed with really inciteful and useful presentations from a group of amazing healthcare professionals. You can watch the recordings of these presentations if you click the links below.

Therapeutic Radiography by Teresa Howe

Teresa is originally from Canada and started her career there, starting out by getting a psychology degree before doing a diploma in Therapeutic Radiography. After working a few years in Canada, Teresa moved to the UK and has worked in two departments as a Therapeutic Radiographer and as a Dosimetrist. Along the way, she has taken extra courses in teaching and has a Postgrad Diploma in Medical Education. Teresa is currently working as the Professional Development Therapeutic Radiographer at Bristol Oncology Centre and is also doing some extra ultrasound training!

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Care Homes by Rosemary Osman

Rosemary Osman is a family liaison nurse for a group of care homes. She has also worked as a nurse in A and E and in occupational health.

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Public Health Nursing by Lorraine McMullen

Lorraine McMullen trained as an adult nurse. She has worked as a school nurse and a specialist sexual health nurse within Public Health nursing. Lorraine is now an Associate Director for Children’s Community Healthcare Services.

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Psychotherapy/Counselling by Jane Renton

Psychotherapist/Counsellor Jane Renton is a qualified Counsellor, an accredited, registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy She currently works at the University of Bath as a Specialist Mentor in the Disability Service.

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Speech and Language Therapy by Yvonne Wren

Yvonne Wren is the Director of the Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit. She runs a study at the University of Bristol involving children born with cleft lip and palate. She also runs an independent speech and language therapy service for children, families and schools.

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Physiotherapy by By Debbie Wolf

Talk to Paediatric Physiotherapist Debbie Wolf and ask her any questions about her profession!

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Paramedics by Gary Eves

Gary Eves is a paramedic practitioner and employs paramedics and medical students.

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Medicine by Dr Stephen Hardman & 4th Year Medical Student Chloe

Talk to Doctor of Medicine - Stephen Hardman and 4th Year Medical Student Chloe. Ask them any questions about his profession!

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Mental Health Nursing by Poppy Densely

Poppy Densely is a registered Mental Health Nurse. She finished her degree during the pandemic, working on a male acute ward which has also been a COVID ward for Mental Health. She is about to start a new job in CAMHs this month.

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Careers In Medical Research by Caroline McKinnon & Rebecca Scott

Dr Caroline McKinnon has a first-class degree in Molecular Biology. She then did a PhD in Biochemistry and an MSc in Forensic Engineering and Science. Caroline was a finalist for a Women into Science and Engineering award. She is now working at the School of Biochemistry EDI, Student Careers and Outreach Director at Bristol University.

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Adult Nursing by Caroline Samson

Caroline Samson trained as a nurse and is now a patient flow manager at Southmead hospital working with A and E to
maintain hospital bed capacity.

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Learning Disability Nursing by Jarek Turif

Jarek Turif is a senior lecturer in learning disability nursing at the UWE , he has been a qualified nurse for nearly 10 years.

"I absolutely love studying Learning Disabilities Nursing because it incorporates both physical and mental health and no two days are ever the same" - Anna Mulvihill is a final year learning disability nursing student at UWE. She used to be a student at St Brendan's.

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Paediatric Anaesthesia & Intensive Care by Andrew Wolf

Professor Andrew Wolf a retired professor of paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care.

See more about him here:


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Haematology Doctor by Kate Burley

Dr Kate Burley started working as a doctor in Bristol in 2009. She specialised in haematology (blood disorders) as she enjoyed the combination of patient contact with laboratory work. Since 2018 she has been researching the effect our genes have on our blood cells and how rare genetic changes cause bleeding and clotting disorders.

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Army Medical Personnel

The army medical staff are not able to join us live today - however, you can listen to this presentation from a recruiting officer about opportunities for medical personnel in the army reserves.