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English, Business and Languages Faculty Awards

Accounting - Tom P & Rochelle C

Business Extended Certificate - Dhruv R

Business Diploma - Ryan O

Business Studies - Jess C

Economics - Louise F, Rhianna B, Jason G and Dexter D

English Literature - Alexia C

English Language & Literature - Leyla K

French - Jason B, Babi O, Emile B and Alexia C

German - Sorana B, Heather L and Elliot L

German Goethe-Zertifikat - Lily L

Law A-level - Emliy A & Amela K

Law BTEC - Andrei K

Spanish - Isobel P

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Humanities Faculty Awards

Criminology - Ellie C, Daisy T, Millie O and Jess E

Geography - Thomas P, Elenore B, Leyla K Isobella C, Reenie L, Zak B, Georgia B, Fred D and Ashley G

Health & Social Care - Tia S, Millie H, Alivia H, Tia G, Zakia M, Yara M and Daisy C

History (HEB Pathway) - Jasmine N, Alice P, Max H and Caitlin G

History (HEM Pathway) - Zakary B, Dexter D, Alex W, Heather L and Jack B

History (HOT Pathway) - Katie S, Bryony B and Callum C

Psychology - Oliwia S, Amela K, Leon S and Louis A

Politics - Amelie S, Thomas M and Hamza M

Religious Studies - Anisa O, Chloe T, Grace K & Thomas M

Sociology - Katie S, Lexie W and Essence M

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Maths and Science Faculty Awards

Biology L2 - Kyle M and Amal M

Biology A-level - Oliwia S

Chemistry - Gavin G

Chemistry/Physics/Maths/Biology - Shau'Ri W

Physics - Gavin G and Jason B

Computer Science - Charlie B

Further Maths - Jason B and Charlie B

IT L3 - Saima I & Syeda A

IT L2 - Emmanual S, Jerome W and Abood I

Maths A-level - Leon R & Anss H

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Sport and Performing Arts Faculty Awards

Acting - Madison L

Art, Craft & Design - Thierry C

Dance A-level - Elinor H

Design Engineering - LiangFa R, Williams T and Chilcott A

Drama A-level - Emily K

Drama & Theatre - Izzy C

Film - Akira J

Graphics - Mitzie H

Media - Holly B

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Sport and Performing Arts Faculty Awards

Music BTEC & A-level - Hannah F

Music Performance - Tom M

Music Technology - Felicity C

Performing Arts Musical Theatre Ex Cert - Billie P

Performing Arts Diploma - Erin T

Photography - Ed H

Product Design - Nathan L

Public Services - Bethany K

Sport Extended Certificate - Brooke S

Sport Diploma - Honey R, Sophie W and Anna S

Textiles - Alexandra C

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Student of the Year

Awarded to - Amber M

Voted for by staff, this award recognises an individual who has shown dedication and perseverance to achieve their absolute best. They will have shown resilience and strength of character to overcome barriers and will have grown not just academically but as an individual.

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Advanced Graduate Programme Award

Awarded to - Oliwia S

The AGP award is given to the student who has maximised all of the opportunities offered to them as an AGP student, engaged in masterclasses, extracurricular activities and been a beacon for academic excellence to students in college.

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Academic Mentor Awards

Awarded to - Shelena A

Awarded to - Yara M

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Learning Development Award for Resilience

Awarded to - Tia S

The Learning Development Award is presented to a student who faces a challenge or difficult situation and shows or learns resilience.

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Calor Gas Award

Awarded to - Aaliyah I

The Calor Gas Award is awarded in Science to a student who has shown dedication, determination and resilience throughout the year. They will have shown excellent organisational skills and the ability to cope with both academic and practical elements of their course.

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Chaplaincy Award

Awarded to - Sur D

The Chaplaincy Award is given to a student who demonstrates a commitment to the ethos of the college and embodies the Gospel values.

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Good Samaritan Award

Awarded to - Shelena Artman

The Good Samaritan Award is presented each year on St Brendan’s Day, to a student who deserves to be recognised for their selflessness and acts of kindness.

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Joe Dymond Williams

Awarded to - Leon S

This award is presented each year in memory of former St Brendan’s student Joe Dymond-Williams who tragically lost his life when trying to break up a fight in Bristol city centre. It is presented to a student who has gone above and beyond to help others.

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100% Attendance Awards

Awarded to - Maisey A

Awarded to - Mariya A

Awarded to - Abigail B

Awarded to - Thierry C

Awarded to - Megan D

Awarded to - Ridzita G

Awarded to - Samuel H

Awarded to - Hannah O

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100% Attendance Awards

Awarded to - Thomas P

Awarded to - Kara S

Awarded to - Georgia S

Awarded to - Katie S

Awarded to - Caitlin T

Awarded to - Aaron V

Awarded to - Aidan V

Awarded to - Alex W

Awarded to - Thomas W

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Staff Awards

Teacher Awards - Laurence Pritchard and Abby Mahony

Support Staff - Octavia Foster and Mattia Pace

Voted for by Year 13 students, these awards recognise staff who go above and beyond to make students’ college experience the best it could be. Whether it’s making lessons unforgettable, helping students through a difficult time or always showing how much they care for each and every one of their students, the winners of these awards are a credit to St Brendan’s.

Special Commendations

The below SU students have been amazing student representatives on the Bristol Education Partnership Student Board.

James T, Julia N and Leon S