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Discover Your Own Beat

Whether you're looking to take centre stage and perform to sell-out audiences or work your magic in the studio or backstage, you'll be welcomed into passionate community of performers, technicians, DJs and trailblazers who share your love for sound.

We are proud to offer a range of Level 3 courses to students who are looking to develop their skills and knowledge, and will provide you with the resources and know-how for you to pursue your personal goals.

You will work alongside our team of experienced musicians, teachers, tutors and technicians, to develop your strengths and tackle your weaknesses. We pride ourselves on seeing each student as an individual, and will work with you to understand your style and help you to become the best at your craft; whether that’s on stage or behind the scenes.

A Level Music Hannah Foster

A-Level Music

As an A-level Music student you will work on three aspects of your musicianship: Performance, Composition and Analysis.

You can specialise in either Composition or Performance and will produce either 2 or 3 compositions over the course, alongside preparing for a recital of 6-12 minutes (depending on your specialism) and working on analysis of both classical and popular music.

The course focuses on developing musicianship in all areas, giving you the opportunity to be creative, perform both solo and with others, and develop your music theory and analysis skills in depth. In Analysis we focus on the Development of the Symphony, 20th Century composers like Debussy and Poulenc and a range of Rock and Pop music from the 60’s to present.

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Level 3 Music Performance

As a Music Performance student, you'll work on ensemble performance in the context of Popular Music from the 50’s to present.

This course is 50% practical; focusing on professionalism in rehearsals and performance contexts, as well as working through rehearsing and performing a wide range of genres; from Reggae, Funk, Jazz and Soul, to Punk, R’n’B, and Pop.

Alongside these lessons, you'll learn how to read a wide range of music, including traditional notation, tab, and lead sheets; developing these skills until you can write and harmonise your own melodies.

You'll also study the Music Industry, with a focus on planning events, but also looking at employment opportunities within the industry including making money from your own music.

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A-Level Music Technology

For those who take an interest in more of a behind-the-scenes role, A-level Music Technology offers a chance to study the world of recording techniques, mixing, sequencing, composition and sampling.

You'll study the development of technology in music from the 1940s to the present day and learn how it has influenced popular music during that time.

You'll develop key listening skills – learning to identify production techniques and evaluate the quality of recorded performances and sequences. You will learn to use Logic software on our suite of 27” iMacs and develop a wide range of compositional and editing skills.

At the end of the course, you'll complete two pieces of coursework; one will be recording and mixing using our wide range of microphones and specialist recording studio, and the second developing a composition using electronic music.

Music performing band
Andy Price

Andy Price

Mercedes Phillips

Mercedes Phillips

Meet Your Music Teachers

Established musicians themselves, our Music teachers share years of industry and teaching experience - ensuring that you learn from real-world knowledge and industry insight.

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Hear our subject specialists talk about different aspects of the courses and answering questions from other students interested in studying Music at St Brendan's.

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A-Level Music Student: Hannah

'A-level Music allowed me to expand my knowledge in both theory and skill.

My favourite part of the course was the free composition because I was able to explore and create music I like, with the support of great teachers. My confidence with performing improved massively on the course.

I'm going to study Management (with marketing) at University and then I hope to go into a career in band-management or advertising in the music industry.'

Hannah studied: A-Level Music, Law and Maths

Music Tech Assia web

Music Technology Student: Assia

'Through studying Music Technology you cover a wide variety of different things, and there's lots of support within the department.

The teachers really encourage you to be independent and experimental, which is so important. My favourite project has been my recording component, as I got to work with professional and student musicians, and also got a chance to finalise my practical mixing skills before the production exam.'

Assia studied: A-level English Literature, Graphic Communication, Music Technology and Spanish

Jack Skinner

Music Performing Alumni: Jack

"Upon leaving St Brendan's, I became a full-time musician becoming part of a touring Jazz band, currently managed by Graham Dalby (The leader of the London Swing Orchestra) and I have dabbled in contracted composing.

I am also an events manager for music at The Old Duke venue in Bristol. My day to day life is full of music and not much else.

In ten years, I still hope to be Music-ing my way through life, hopefully on a more professional basis. Although I love performing my absolute goal in life is to be a composer and an orchestrator, Much like Mr Dalby himself, who was incidentally my inspiration to begin playing music when I was 4 years old."

Jack studied: BTEC Music Performing, A-level Film Studies, A-level Drama

Careers in Music

Music students from St Brendan's progress to a wide range of university courses and apprenticeships.

Every year our dedicated Careers Teams arrange Careers Fairs and sector-specific events for students to explore all of their options. They also arrange talks from industry experts and St Brendan's Alumni.

Throughout your time at St Brendan's, the Careers Team door is always open for one-to-one appointments and advice and guidance.

Use the Pathways tool below to explore various progression routes to numerous careers through Higher Education courses and Apprenticeships.