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BAME at St Brendan's

Sislin Fay Allen

The UK's first black policewoman, Sislin Fay Allen, died at her home in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, on 5 July 2021, aged 83. Mrs Allen joined the Met Police in 1968 at the age of 29 after working as a nurse in Croydon, south London. She served in the Met for four years, first in Croydon then at the Missing Persons Bureau, before moving to Jamaica where she continued to work as a police officer.

In a statement the Met Police said: "We are grateful for your service Sislin, you paved the way for so many others."

Mrs Allen was working as a nurse at Croydon's Queens Hospital when she decided to make a career change after seeing a recruitment advert for male and female officers. She trained at Peel House and her first posting was at Fell Road police station in Croydon, near her family and where she lived.

In 2020 she received a lifetime achievement award from the National Black Police Association (NBPA). Andy George, President of the NBPA said: "Her contribution to policing in the United Kingdom cannot be underestimated.”

"The courage that trailblazers like her showed in joining the police service allowed others to follow a career in policing. We thought it was fitting to name an annual award in her honour to showcase her contribution to policing and to ensure a long-lasting legacy is created in her name to recognise fellow trailblazers in policing today."

To read more about her click here: https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/article/section/news/sislin-fay-allen-britains-first-black-policewoman-dies-at-in-ocho-rios-jamaica/

To read about other pioneering black officers in the Metropolitan Police, click here: https://www.met.police.uk/police-forces/metropolitan-police/areas/campaigns/2020/black-history-month/officer-stories/pc-sislin-fay-allen/