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Friday 28th May 2021

Dear Students and Parents/Carers

This has been the first term where our students have been on-site full time for face to face teaching and support. As we approach the half term, we wanted to say thank you to our students for the way they have adapted to updated guidance and responded to our covid measures. For students who are returning for the final term, can we please remind you that you will need to make sure you have taken your lateral flow test before returning to college on Monday 7th June.

This week we also say goodbye to our Year 13 students. We hope that you have enjoyed your online learning over the past two weeks. You are an amazing year group who have achieved so many things over the last two years, including fantastic digital skills. Your resilience, agility, support of one another and achievements so far are things you should be proud of. We hope that you enjoy a well-deserved summer.

A huge thank you to our outgoing Student Union. We know that over the last year you worked and operated in difficult circumstances, however, you have represented the College superbly. We look forward to working with our new Student Union and would like to wish our outgoing members all the best for the future.

For our Year 12’s and our Access to Level 3 students, our focus in term 6 will be on supporting your transition. Additionally, our Student Engagement Officer will be relaunching a number of activities for you to get involved with. Our focus will also be on the next steps for our Year 12 students, and the start of the University process. There are a number of Careers events that are taking place as well as Higher Education events. More information on this will come through our Careers bulletin. All of our students will know that our Careers team are always available when College is open to support students with ideas about their next steps.

Wishing everyone a great half term break.

Marian Curran (College Principal)

Careers News

'Careers News' - featuring the latest apprenticeships, university and college opportunities, career-related events and much more. Highlights of the 26th May edition include:

  • RWA Royal West of England Academy, Young Ambassadors add
  • Career Ready event. Life in a Law Firm
  • Exclusive work experience opportunities with young professionals, BDO, Mazars and others
  • Two Mayor Policy Intern Roles
  • Natwest Apprenticeships
  • Channel 4 Apprenticeships
  • University of Bristol Open Week
  • And much more!

Explore now to learn what is currently available!

Find out more

Careers News

Careers in the Creative Industries Event

Tuesday 15th & Friday 18th June

  • Two mornings of live virtual talks about the wide range of opportunities in the creative industries.
  • Relevant subjects will be streaming during your lessons
  • Students can also join independently if not in a lesson or request permission from their teacher to attend during lesson time if they feel the talk is beneficial for their future career plans.

The following platform includes further details and allows you to link to the live Teams event. Students may use the linked Padlet to ask questions before or during the event:

Click here to access the event

ATL3 - Moving Up to Level 3

For ATL3 students who are moving up to Level 3, your plan and logbook can be found by accessing this link

Academic Mentors web copy

Academic Mentor Information!

Academic Mentors have been conducting 1-1 meetings with students throughout the academic year and will continue to do so in Term 6. Please keep an eye on your college emails – Mentors arrange 20 minute meetings in your non-lesson time.

The 1-1 meetings are a mandatory part of your time at St Brendan’s and it’s a chance to discuss how college and your subjects are going as well as create some action plans and get some advice about your next steps after college.

We really look forward to seeing you!

Cafe Sher bulletin

Café Max and Café Min - Important Information!

Good news - both cafes are open!

Opening hours are 8:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday- Friday.

Whether it's breakfast to kickstart your day, a snack at break time or a tasty lunch, the Cafe Teams will be happy to serve you.

THINK Banner

Student Personal Development - Think 2021

Think 2021 is a one-day conference especially for students between the ages of 16 and 25. This year’s speakers include Vince Cable, Tim Harford, Ruth Kelly, Bill Easterly, and Matthew McCaffrey – and new speakers are being announced every week. For more details visit http://thinkiea.com/

You can register to attend online for free here.

BAME at St Brendan’s

The Mary Rose

It was the pride of Henry VIII’s navy, a flagship crafted from English oak to strike fear into foreign hearts. Yet a study suggests that when the Mary Rose sank in 1545, it was crewed largely by men whose roots lay in distant lands. An analysis of eight skeletons recovered from the wreck of the warship suggests that three of them were born far from England. Another was raised on these shores but was black, perhaps a second-generation immigrant. The results suggest that Tudor society, including the Royal Navy, was far more of a multiethnic melting pot than is often assumed, the researchers said.

Those who perished on the Mary Rose during the Battle of the Solent fought against the French, included an archer from the king’s guard. His remains were found beneath a bronze cannon. Next to his body was his longbow, a weapon associated with English forces. Yet the chemical composition of his teeth shows that he grew up in southern Europe or North Africa. The researchers believe that he was probably a dark-skinned Iberian Moor. He owned a leather wristguard decorated with the Royal Arms of England.

Another teenage crew member appears to have grown up in England, according to chemical analysis of his teeth. However, previous analysis showed that his DNA was similar to modern-day Moroccans or the Mozabite Berbers of Algeria. The new study includes an analysis of the shape of his skull, which signals that he was black. Two others, a gentleman and a carpenter, had been brought up in southern Europe.

Read The Full Study Here

The Return of Societies!

Enrichment is re-launching at St Brendan's in the new term!

See session details for the first week back below and sign up for those who will attend using the Microsoft Form link provided.

  • Monday 7th June: Debating Society
  • Tuesday 8th June: Pride (LGBT + Society)
  • Wednesday 9th June: The Mast (Student Newspaper)
  • Thursday 10th June: Zero Carbon (Climate Action Society)
  • Friday 11th June: Film Club
  • Various times: Dungeons & Dragons Society (Online group)

If you would like to create a new society, just email swi@stbrn.ac.uk and we can begin to promote the group to the student body!

New groups and sessions will continue to be added via the bulletin, and all sign-ups will be added to individual Teams channels for each group for more direct information about sessions.

To note, please fill in the form even if you have already previously registered interest- this allows us to manage attendance and numbers at sessions which is still extremely important due to Covid!

Looking forward to some fun sessions 🙂

Student Engagement Officer - Stanford

Click here to sign up
SU 2021 Group 1

Student Union Election Results

Having conducted our election over the past week, we are happy to announce our new Student Union Executive:

President - Thirowshie Srijeyaram

Vice President - Fin Deane

Secretary - Divya Rajesh

EDI Officer - Ashya Bernard

Student Governor - Charlie Hiscox

Communications Officer - Katie Cooksley

Student Life Officer - Teya Baggan

Sport & Enrichment Officer - Raven Massiah

These students will be the lead representatives of the student body over the coming year, and students can reach them at su@stbrn.ac.uk

Newsflash Thumbs activities

Get Involved!

Medical Schools Council Summer Schools

Medical Schools Council is working with four leading medical schools across England to offer a series of free summer schools. The initiative is funded by Health Education England and is aimed at young people from areas of England where few students apply to study medicine. There is a particular focus on reaching young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

At an MSC Summer School, students can learn about becoming a doctor or health care professional and whether it would be the right career for them. They will receive the information, skills and above all the confidence they need to submit a strong application to medicine. The summer school will take place during the week of 5 July 2021. Applications for this summer are now open and can be made here

Improving Wellbeing – A self-study course for students

Dr Iro Konstantinou at The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning (CIRL) has created 8 x 10-minute well-being sessions for school students to do in their own time and at their own pace. The link to the sessions is here

Childhood Day 2021

On 11 June, NSPCC are getting the UK playing and raising money to help keep children safe – and they need your help.

Play is an important part of childhood – and after the year we’ve had, they could all do with a bit more of it! Sign up, plan a play day, and raise money.

Find out more
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You can find our College Chaplain Ann Morgan in room B209, all faiths & no faiths welcome!

If you would like to follow any of the Chaplaincy social media accounts - the links are below.

Chaplaincy Twitter

Chaplaincy Instagram

Chaplaincy Facebook

Chaplaincy Youtube

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Steve Clayson
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Key Contacts

Marian Curran Principal

Stephen Clayson Vice Principal

Svetlana Bajic-Raymond Vice Principal

Laura Howe-Haysom Head of Support Services

Vicki Haigh Head of Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Kerry Mullinder Head of Learning Development & Safeguarding

Sue Rees Head of Data and Exams

Sarah Hinder Finance Manager

Claire Woodhouse Attendance Officer

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