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About Protective Services

Each and every one of us will have different experiences of our country's protective services. From the Police, Paramedics and Armed Forces through to Custodial Care Services; we are supported by millions of people working selflessly and tirelessly to save lives, serve justice and build a better future.

Through a mixture of trips, classroom scenarios and team-building tasks, you'll understand the shifting roles and responsibilities that come with a diverse range of protective services jobs.

Enjoy insightful discussions on media representation, Government, human rights, the impact of war and crime; learn from the best and be inspired first hand by those who give their lives to serve our country.

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Course Details

We offer two Protective Services courses:

Level 3 Protective Services
Extended Certificate

1 A-level equivalent

67% Coursework

Level 3 Protective Services

2 A-level equivalent

75% Coursework

Tracey Poole

Tracey Poole

Sarah Bishop

Sarah Bishop

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Louise Roberts

Louise Roberts

Dave Hodder

Dave Hodder

Meet Your Teachers

Our Protective Services Team have a wealth of industry expertise.

They come from a wide range of business and educational backgrounds which is shared across all courses, ensuring that you learn from real-world knowledge and experience.

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Olly osborne

Brecon Beacons: Olly Osborne Reports

Hi, I’m Olly.

I am a Protective Services Level 3 student and in April 2019 I went on two expeditions with my class alongside 40 other people to learn the navigation and survival skills required to carry out expeditions in the protective services.

Overnight expedition

We headed off to the Brecon Beacons to a set of waterfalls on the first day and Pen y Fan on the second day. After fighting through the traffic and collecting food to cook, we got back on the bus and we were on our way to the first walk in which we walked behind a waterfall! What an amazing experience that was, and the weather was just perfect. On the route to the waterfall we got on the wrong track but all was ok as it meant we could get a lovely view of some sheep and the size comparison between a sheep and Pen y Fan. After trekking through the woods for a good 45 minutes, we got to the waterfall, and after 30 seconds of being there, we had to go under it and continue with the last part of the walk but it was so memorable.

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After completing the walk, we got on the bus to the campsite which was on a farm and we all set up camp for the night. No one on the camp could sleep, but it meant we got up early at 4.00 am and I was able to catch a beautiful sunrise over the camp and it was perfect because we had the condensation rising off the grass because it was so cold. We then left the campsite at 7.00 am and drove to the north face of Pen y Fan where we started the last walk. We scrambled up Fan y Big and then onto Pen y Fan to the summit. What an amazing view over wales, but a shame it only lasted 5-10 minutes. Then we walked along the ridge and started our descent to a dam where we got some incredible views and the sky was perfect. We walked over the dam and back along the road with forests on our right and our left but it was such a shame to see them being destroyed. And we arrived back at the buses and we were on our way back home.

This whole expedition was a show of our teamwork and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of my protective services class, as well as the other classes who participated. It was one of the greatest parts of my Protective Services course and I would highly recommend the course to anyone who enjoys working with other people or loves the outdoors. You won’t regret it!

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Protective Services Student: Ameila

'I chose to study Protective Services as I've always aspired to join the Police Force. Over the course of two years, this course has enabled me to gain work experience and go on different trips - these have really opened my eyes to the life of working in the public services.

Next year I am applying for the Police Apprenticeship and hope to get a degree in Policing. Once I have completed this, I then hope to go on to work in child protection.'

Amelia Studied: Protective Services, ASDAN Extended Project Qualification

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Careers in Protective Services

Protective Services students from St Brendan's progress to a wide range of university courses and apprenticeships.

Every year our dedicated Careers Teams arrange Careers Fairs and sector-specific events for students to explore all of their options. They also arrange talks from industry experts and St Brendan's Alumni.

Throughout your time at St Brendan's, the Careers Team door is always open for one-to-one appointments and advice and guidance.

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