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Hey everyone! 👋

We're facing another locked-down break this half term, but just because we're stuck at home doesn't mean there's no fun to be had! I've suggested below my top ten events and activities I recommend for those facing a slightly boring week - most of which I'll be indulging in myself!

If you do get round to trying any of the activities below, feel free to send photos to as they would love to feature you!

Stanford Wildgoose - Student Engagement Officer


1. A Bit Of Fitness 🏃💪

I won't be the first person to spout the value of exercise to you, but if it's something you're not already taking part in some easy access options with plenty of guidance can be good to help you into it. I've found Yoga with Adriene a really positive influence on my routine (try a 30-day challenge using the link), but Joe Wicks and the Couch to 5k app are some suggestions that have been working well for others I know, even if they've never exercised before!


2. Dance & Theatre 💃🎬

With theatres and cinemas closing their doors during Lockdown, there is an absolute load of online premieres and streams to participate in. There is a handy collective guide of what's going on right here. I can particularly shout out The Colour Purple as I've seen it myself, it's quality, and it starts airing in half term. I'd also check out The Case of the Hung Parliament, an 'immersive alternative to traditional board games you can play with your family or members of the public'.

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3. Hit The Museum 👍

Yeah, we're locked down and they're shut, but there are some cracking online events at museums across the country, in some cases moving entire exhibits to be virtual and free to access. I can personally recommend the content at Tate Modern, but also the Museum of London and the Royal Museum of Greenwich have huge libraries of online events and digital collections as well as big programmes for LGBT+ History Month. Try these as a starting point, but any museum you've ever liked, check their website to see what's now online!


4. Do Some Non-Prescribed Learning 📕💻

You'll be needing a well-deserved break from lessons but sometimes learning without pressure away from your set subjects can be fun - The British Academy is offering a series of online events and lectures on everything from psychology to geography, on a whole host of interesting topics. Have a read, have a listen, and walk away whenever you feel the need, with no homework necessary!

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5. Get Some Headspace 🌿💫

For those who could do with a bit of help decluttering a stressed-out mind, there are numerous options online - some easy shouts are the apps Headspace and Calm, which have some content for free or offer free trials. For something a little closer to home, one of our staff members, Catriona, is putting together free guided meditation-videos, all of which can be found here.

Feedback to me if you'd like Live Sessions of the same thing after lockdown! Email me at

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6. Free Listening 👂☺✨

Audible Stories are offering free audiobook streaming whilst the restrictions are in place. Although most of their library is aimed at very young children, there are still some quality stories on there and you may find one for you. Check out their service if you want to listen rather than read!

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7. A Bit Of Gaming 🎮🎲⚡

There are plenty of social online games that allow you to spend time with friends from afar, from Minecraft to Fortnite to Fall Guys to League of Legends. But not everyone has a souped-up gaming PC or an Xbox One. For some accessible options, I recommend Among Us or Catan Universe, which can run perfectly well on a smartphone and can be found on app stores, as well as Skribblio and Pizzuno which can be played on a regular browser. Try them out and play with your mates whilst you can't have big meetups!

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8. Grow Your Cooking Skills 🍲🍜

Being locked down is a perfect opportunity to flex some culinary muscle and build a skill you'll need a lot once you leave home. Trying out easy recipes on sites like BBC Good Food or from recipe books knocking around your house is one step, but why not make an event of it? Challenge each member of your household to a Come Dine with Me style bout, where each person cooks dinner once and gets rated - see who does the best job!


9. Get Out And About 🍃😀

It's a cliche at this point, but a good walk is a great way to get a bit of exercise, clear your head, get away from the place you spend most of your time right now and get some good chats in! Try Walking Britain to find hidden gems of routes in your area. And if all that appeals right now is the thought of somewhere overseas, try the online Drive and Listen service, which simulates driving around cities across the world and listening to their local radio stations!

10. Fill Out My Online Form 😊

A cheeky one to finish, but I'm keen to build our online activities! If you get a minute in half-term fill out our online enrichment form, to join or suggest activities we can run online! It's accessible from the weekly Student Newsletter too!

Online Enrichment Form