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Few issues attract more public attention and generate more debate than those involving crime. This is your opportunity to delve in, beyond the emotion and media reports, and understand the facts.

Develop a critical and focused mind, whilst enjoying elements of Psychology, Law, and Sociology. You will gain an understanding of why people commit a crime, different types of crime, the influences and perceptions of crime, and the criminal justice system - from crime scene evidence through to the final verdict.

Criminology is an Applied Diploma course which is the equivalent of 1 A-level, with 50% Exams and 50% Coursework.

Entry Requirements: 5 or more GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including English Language.


A-level Psychology

Why do we think the way we do? why do we interact in different ways?

A-level Psychology provides you with an opportunity to explore a wide range of human behaviours from a variety of different, often conflicting perspectives.

Look into topics including Social Influence, Memory, Psychopathology and attachment. Develop your power of analysis; take on the challenge to develop a better understanding of yourself and those around you.

Psychology is an A-level course, with 100% Exams and no Coursework.

Entry Requirements: 5 or more GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including English Language. GCSE Maths at grade 4 and 4:4 in combined Science or a Merit in BTEC Double Science.


A-level Sociology

Embark upon an interesting journey into our modern society and enjoy a subject which paves the way to many different career paths. Social workers, media professionals, police officers, lawyers and many more all draw on sociological theories.

Consider and analyse theories to explain the behaviour of social groups. The programme includes topics such as education, families and households, beliefs in society and crime and deviance.

Welcome to a new way of looking and understand the complex ever-changing modern world around.

Sociology is an A-level course, with 100% Exams and no Coursework.

Entry Requirements: 5 or more GCSEs at Grade 4 or above including English Language or Literature.



















Meet Your Teachers!

Our Criminology, Psychology and Sociology Teachers have a wealth of expertise.

They come from a range of business and educational backgrounds, ensuring that you learn from real-world knowledge and experience.

Helpful Videos

Take a look at these recordings from our previous Live Events.

Hear our subject specialists talk about different aspects of the courses and answering questions from other students interested in studying Criminology, Psychology and Sociology courses at St Brendan's.

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Psychology Open Day

Sociology Open Day

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Sociology FAQs

Will Sociology

Sociology Student: Will

'I wanted to study Sociology at A-level because I realised I knew next to nothing about the society we live in. I had no idea that, behind the scenes of normal life, this is so much more going on that we never really think about. I have thoroughly enjoyed Sociology and have particularly enjoyed learning about religion and the different theories that surround it.

I am hoping to go on to do a degree in Sociology at University.'

Jayme Psychology

Psychology Student: Jayme

'I chose to study Psychology because of my interest in people and how the mind influences behaviour. I've been particularly interested in Psychological abnormalities such as Schizophrenia. Learning A-level Psychology also assisted with my EPQ on gender and helped me improve my essay writing skills and my ability to construct an argument.'

Jayme Studied: Psychology, Sociology, English Language & Literature, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Criminology Cory Bryce

Criminology Student: Corey

'It was no surprise to me when I learned that Criminology had become the most applied to subject in the entirety of St Brendan's. It was the most interesting subject on my timetable as it brought me into many scenarios: into a courtroom, onto a crime scene and even into the brain of a criminal. Criminology is an extremely pleasant subject to study due to the structure of the course, easing me into the college lifestyle and allowing me to enjoy it at the same time.'

Corey Studied: Criminology, English Language, Law

Shaama Reese new

Alumni: Shaama

After St Brendan's I gained a 1st class honours degree studying BSc Psychology at the University of Reading. I then went onto study my MSc in Development and Psychopathology alongside a psychologist post with the CAMHS ASD pathway. I also volunteered in Sri Lanka with SLV for 4 weeks on a mental health placement. I worked for 2 years as a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant, and now I am doing my Doctorate at the University of Bristol to become a qualified Educational Psychologist.

St Brendan's supported me by giving me really good teaching and support, especially my Psychology teacher who helped me realise that I wanted a career as a professional Psychologist and pushed me to make sure I achieved what I was fully capable of; without this support, I don’t think I would now be completing a Doctorate!

Shaama Studied: Psychology, Art & Design, History, Business,

Careers in Criminology, Psychology and Sociology

Criminology, Psychology and Sociology students from St Brendan's progress to a wide range of university courses and apprenticeships.

Every year our dedicated Careers Teams arrange Careers Fairs and sector-specific events for students to explore all of their options. They also arrange talks from industry experts and St Brendan's Alumni.

Throughout your time at St Brendan's, the Careers Team door is always open for one-to-one appointments and advice and guidance.

Use the Pathways tool below to explore various progression routes to numerous careers through Higher Education courses and Apprenticeships.

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