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Post 18 Options - Careers Information Event for Year 13 (3Y2) Parents & Carers

7th of October 2020

Welcome to the first virtual parents event from the Careers Team at St Brendan’s! This is an opportunity for you to find out more information about future events for your sons and daughters. The day will include presentations from universities and apprenticeship providers and live chat sessions from our Careers Advisers

We have uploaded some useful resources to supplement the live talks which you can find below.

The agenda for the day and the links to click through to the live talks are below.

Don't worry if you can't make all of the talks that you would like to, we will record all sessions and upload them to the website for you to watch in the coming days.

Recordings of the day's Live Talks

Our Information event has now ended but if you click the links below you can watch a recording

Live Presentation from UWE: Choosing a Course at University 2:00pm View
Live Presentation from Bristol University: Student Finance 2.30pm View
Live Presentation from Ask Apprenticeships 3.30pm View
Live Presentation: The UCAS Application Process at St Brendan's 4:00pm View
Live Q&A: Options after college and how to decide 5.00pm View
Live Q&A: Apprenticeships 5.30pm View
Live Q&A: UCAS Applications 6:00pm View
Live Q&A: Work Experience 6.30pm View

Meet the Careers Team

Please watch the videos below at your convenience to help prepare your questions for our Live Q&A on the 7th of October

UCAS applications

Impartial advice from The University of Winchester and The University of South Wales

The UCAS Application Process


Writing a personal statement

Impartial advice from The University of Winchester and the UK University & Apprenticeship Search

Writing a Personal Statement

Webinar Wednesday: UCAS Personal Statement

Choosing a course

Impartial advice from The University of Aberystwyth and UWE

Choosing a Course

Choosing courses in higher education

Choosing a university

Impartial advice from The University of Aberystwyth and South Wales

Choosing a University

English Version Choosing a course

Student finance

Advice from Student Finance England and the UK University & Apprenticeship Search

Student Finance England

Webinar Wednesday: Student Finance


Webinar from UK University & Apprenticeship Search including guest speakers from PwC and Pearson Business School