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Year 13 Widening Participation Schemes

University Specific Schemes

These are schemes linked to a University. Other Universities may also offer contextual offers or programmes. Check their websites for your eligibility.

Check Teams pages, Careers News and your emails for further information and application deadlines.

University of Bristol

Students can apply to one of the 28 subject streams for Access to Bristol in year 13.

Application for the Bristol Scholars Programme is by college nomination only.

Please email ceiag@stbrn.ac .uk if you think you may be eligible

Access to Bristol Click here to apply by October 2021 View
Bristol Scholars Nominations by October ( early applicants) or December View

Applying to UWE Bristol?

Eligible applicants can earn additional UCAS tariff points by completeing the UWE Heading Higher Passport:

degree applicants = 16 UCAS Tariff points.

Foundation Year or Foundation Degree applicant = 8 UCAS Tariff points.

If you meet one, or more, of the access ‘eligibility criteria'

The HHP Plus guide (PDF) will help you plan and reflect on your HHP Plus experiences. It takes you through a process step by step and counts as one of the ‘must do’ requirements;

Complete this log book and return to ceiag@stbrn.ac.uk


College will then register you as an HHP Plus Applicant to UWE Bristol.

If you are made an offer of a place at UWE you automatically earn additional UCAS tariff points to count towards your offer.

click here for further information and links to guide and workbooks