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Year 12 Futures- Term 3

Term 3

This term we will be focusing on more specific information on each of the potential options available to you after college. Then you will be expected to continue your research on Unifrog to find which of these options you would like to pursue.

University- How and When to Apply

Here you can find more information on the University application process, UCAS, and when you will need to look at applying. It comes around sooner than you think, so watch this for more information- as well as guidance on what you should consider when deciding whether or not University is right for you.

Introduction to Apprenticeships

Watch this video for information on what an apprenticeship is, what kinds of apprenticeships are available, and how to apply.

Going Straight into the Workplace

Watch this video for things to consider if you hope to get a job straight after college- instead of an apprenticeship or going to University.


After you have watched these videos, you should be continuing research into your next steps. This may be doing any of the following:

- using Unifrog to look at apprenticeship vacancies

- using Unifrog to look at courses and Universities and narrow down some choices

- using Unifrog to find MOOC's (online courses) to help boost your CV/Uni application

- going back to the Work Experience lesson from Term 2 to find out about work experience opportunities

- booking and attending a careers appointment for help with which option is right for you.