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Year 12 Futures- Term 2

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Term 2 of Year 12 Futures. This term, the focus is on continuing your research on what your next steps might be. Please ensure that you have completed ALL tasks set during Term 1 in order to move onto Term 2. If you have any questions, you can email Futures@stbrn.ac.uk or post a question on the 'questions' channel of your Futures Teams page.

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Notice- Careers Fair on 23rd November 2021

Please see this video for info on the Careers Fair coming to college on Tuesday 23rd November 2021. This will include visits from Universities, Colleges, Employers and Apprenticeship providers so it's a really great opportunity for you to explore your options and ask questions.

Week 1

This week will focus on Work Experience, including what it is, how to get it, and what support is available at College to help you.

Week 2

This week will focus on Interview skills- this includes part-time work interviews, University/Apprenticeship or Work Experience Interviews.

Week 3

This week focuses on email etiquette- a crucial skill that will help you at college, but also when applying for Jobs, Universities or Apprenticeships.

Email Etiquette

This week looks at formal and informal emails- the only task this week is to watch the video on the right, and to make sure you use the advice in your everyday emailing practice!

Week 4

This week will re-start your Unifrog research. Please note that this is useful even if you are not looking at studying at University.

Unifrog Research- Finding a Subject to Study

Task: This week your task is to log into Unifrog and do some research through the 'Subjects Library'- you need to 'favourite' at least one course that you're interested in studying/continuing with, whether that be through University or a Career/Apprenticeship pathway.

Click Here for the St Brendan's Careers Appointment Booking Form

Weeks 5 & 6

To take you up until the Christmas Holidays, we ask that you continue researching into your next steps using Unifrog.

To do this you could do any of the following:

- Catch up on any missed tasks from Terms 1 and 2

- Research into Universities that offer your preferred subject choices (using the University shortlisting tool)- this may include looking at what grades you would need to study this subject and evaluating what you would need to do at College to achieve those grades. This could include conversations with a subject teacher or the careers team (Ceiag@stbrn.ac.uk)

- Look at current Apprenticeship Opportunities (click here for more info on Apprenticeships)

- Research into a particular career path and looking at what qualifications or experience are needed to get there