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Year 13 Futures- Term 1

Week 1

This week you need to watch the Year 13 Futures Induction. This is on the Year 13 Futures homepage and will explain how Futures will work this year. Please click the link below to go back to the video.

Click here to go to the lesson for Week 1

Week 2

This week will focus on getting back into your next steps planning- with information about:

- What stage you should be at in your planning and application completion

- Deadlines for Personal Statements (see below!)

-Extra support with Unifrog

-Extra support that will be available for you

Click here to go to the Futures- UCAS Support Page

Task 1

Task 1: Please can you go to ProPortal and update your Intended Destination.

If you're still not sure, you can write not sure.

If you have more than one option, add them both!

This is to ensure that College can give you the right support to get to where you want to be.

Click here to go straight to ProPortal

Continuing to plan your next steps

If you need further support, you can:

- Email futures@stbrn.ac.uk or ceiag@stbrn.ac.uk (careers)

- Book a careers appointment (note this is no longer through Moodle- you can do this by emailing ceiag@stbrn.ac.uk or through this form)

- Ask a question on the Futures Teams page

- Ask your subject teachers to read over your Personal Statement

- Attend a careers or UCAS drop-in session (info on these will be on the Futures Teams page)

Click Here to go to the UCAS Support Page


Here are the College Personal Statement Deadlines for the Year 2021-22:

Early Applicants

2nd draft submitted to Teams by 10th September

Final draft submitted on Teams by 17th September

Internal Deadline to 'Pay and Send' 24th September

All other applicants:

1st draft submitted to Teams by 17th September

2nd draft submitted to Teams by 22nd October

Final draft submitted to Teams by 19th November

Internal deadline to 'Pay and Send': 3rd December 2021

There are UCAS Drop-In Sessions running on Mondays (in B111) and Wednesdays (in B225) from 12.10-13.45 for anyone who needs support. You can also email ceiag@stbrn.ac.uk!

Click Here to go to the UCAS Support Page

Week 3

This week we will be reminding you of Widening Participation Schemes which may benefit you if you are applying to University.

If you are not going to University, please continue your next steps research from last week.

Widening Participation Schemes- Update

Task (after watching the lesson video):

1. Go to this link: Year 13 WP Schemes

2. Read through the information about the Widening Participation Schemes available to you in Year 13.

3. Apply to any that match with your University options- even if you don't think you will need it!

4. Email Futures@stbrn.ac.uk or ceiag@stbrn.ac.uk if you need support.

Week 4

This week you will need to continue with your next steps preparation. This may be:

- Completing your Personal Statement for checking

- Working on your cover letter or CV for an apprenticeship application, or checking current vacancies

- Booking a careers appointment here if you feel you need help

- Attending a UCAS support clinic for extra support with your UCAS application or Personal Statement

- Looking back at the Year 12 Personal Statement Resources- You can find these by clicking the link below.

Click here to go to the UCAS Support Page

Week 5

This week consists of two optional sessions

1. Support on writing a CV

2. Interview Information and Support (This could be a University, Apprenticeship or Job Interview!)

If you do not want to take part in these sessions, you should be continuing with last week's next step preparation.

Writing a CV- Optional

Don''t forget that Unifrog has a great CV writing tool which you can use!

Click here to go to Unifrog

Weeks 6-8

In the run up to Half Term you should be focusing on getting your Personal Statements (or Apprenticeship cover letters) together for the upcoming 2nd draft deadline on 22nd October.

For support with this, have a look through the resources on this page or use the Unifrog Personal Statement Support

Click here to go to the Year 12 Futures Resources