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Welcome to New Student Induction 2021


Over the next three days please work your way through the following sections in conjunction with the Checklist which you received at Enrolment, so that you are ready to begin life on campus next week.

Induction Lessons

Your teachers have created online induction lessons for you to complete before your first in person lessons next week.

Click the link below to access your induction lessons.

Induction Lessons
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Get to know our Systems

St Brendan’s provides students with a range of online systems to help track progress and access learning materials. These can be accessed both inside and outside of college, allowing students do develop their independent learning skills.

Please click on the link below, download the document and read through / view the documents and videos to help you understand the eLearning platforms available to you.

E learning Student Instructional Package


Clubs, Societies and Student Discount Cards

Early in September we will hold a Freshers' Fair to introduce you to all of the clubs and societies you can join.

In the meantime why not get yourself a student discount card:

Find out how to get a TOTUM / NUS student discount card which gives you access to huge offers on food, fashion, travel and a whole lot more!

Information on TOTUM Cards

Futures Programme

At St Brendan’s all students take part our Futures Programme. It is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to succeed both during and beyond College Life.

Watch the videos below which will give you an introduction to Futures.

If you have any questions feel free to email:

Take a look at the Futures Platform you will be using here

Futures Year 12 Induction

Meet Your Futures Team

Student Expectations & Support

Please watch this video so that you understand the college's expectations of you and so that you know how and where to access support.

Don't forget to complete your BKSB Initial Assessment

The link to your BKSB Initial Assessment was sent to your college email address last month - if you have not already completed this please can you do so now by clicking the link below - all new students must do this task.

Click button below for the instructions on how to complete this task.

Instructions for BKSB Assessment

Click here to complete your BKSB assessments

First day nerves?

St Brendan's students answer some of the questions they had before starting college.

From 'What should I bring on my first day,' to 'What clubs can I join,' and many more...

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Tell Your Friends!

We still have some places available for this September, so if any of your friends feel like they want to switch from where they are studying, there is still time.

Get them to head over to our website to check out their choices.