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Supporting your child to prepare for GCSE English Language

Dates of Real Examinations:

Paper 1 - 5th June 2023
Paper 2 - 12th June 2023

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Top 5 Tips to support your child in English

1. Help your child to create a revision timetable.

2. Create a "revision only" space.

3. Make sure that they are getting plenty of sleep.

4. Look in their English books/ folders and get them to talk you through what they have been studying.

5. Encourage your child to complete the practice papers we have provided for the Easter holidays.

6. Above all - always be positive about your child's abilities in English.


Tasks you can share with your child

Reading is vital. Can you set time aside each day for reading between now and the exam?

Non-fiction - The English Language Paper 2 exam contains non-fiction texts so students should be reading newspapers and online articles. The exam board has informed us that the text in the exam will be an article so the more they can read, the more they will be able to write their own.

Fiction – we study fiction in Paper 1. We recommend that students read at least one fiction book before the exam.

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Example tasks for students if they say they “Can’t revise for English!”

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Sample Questions

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Past Papers To Do Over Easter: